Object/Vehicle Tracking and Indoor Positioning Terminal

miTrack-QWB is a GNSS based vehicle and object tracking terminal including GSM/GPRS/LTE Cat-M1 and WiFi + Bluetooth communication technologies. In addition to all Vehicle Tracking functions currently available on other miTrack series terminals; Provides advanced tracking, positioning and communication capabilities for "Internet of Things (IoT)" applications. The terminal supports both GSM/GPRS/LTE Cat-M1 and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth BLE 4.2 communication technologies. Thanks to the built-in integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi receiver, it is able to provide location service even indoor areas. Positioning indoors, can be carried out with BLE Beacons placed around, as well as using GSM / GPRS or Wi-Fi connection, and Cellular and Wi-Fi SSID access points (Server-Assisted). The device can be used in covered areas (hangar, factory, campus etc.) by connecting to installed Wi-Fi networks without needing a GPRS connection.

miTrack-QWB includes a built-in 1 Relay driver, 4 Digital inputs, a 1-Wire® interface, 1 Analogue measurement and RS232/RS485 input and output ports. It can also work as a gateway device with units connected via mulitple sensors, I/O expansion cards, RS232i RS485 and/or MODBUS.

miTrack-QWB supports Wi-Fi + Bluetooth in combination with GSM/GPRS/LTE Cat-M1 features according to regional or project requirements. The terminal can switch-on GSM connection when couldn't access to server via Wi-Fi.

miTrack-QWB can archive all process data with 1 MB of built-in memory when offline and transmit this data to the server on demand. The terminal as a telemetry unit, can also collect and send data from the wireless Bluetooth BLE sensors around. (e.g. miSense series)

miTrack-QWB Tracking Terminal provides built-in 900mAh rechargeable Li-Ion/Polymer battery* support. The terminal can also detect vibrations with the built-in acceleration sensor and switch from sleep mode to operating mode. With 90 uW (micro-Watt) ultra-low power consumption, it can work in sleep mode for up to 1 year (with 1 connection per day).

miTrack-QWB series terminals support the MQTT communication protocol that can be easily integrated into known IoT platforms ( Google® IoT, Microsoft® Azure, AWS® IoT, Cumulocity® v.b )  for Industry 4.0 applications. The data of sensor and similar device received by the terminal can be easily transmitted to a MQTT Broker via wireless or wired connection.


  • Internal GSM/GPRS 2G/LTE Cat-M1 Modem and Double SIM Card Support

  • Intergrated IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2

  • Double Bluetooth Receiver*

  • Bluetooth Beacon, Sensor etc. Support

  • Double Master-Slave / Watch-Dog Vehicle Tracking System for Fleet Vehicles

  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption (Sleep Mode) with Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion/Polymer Battery*

  • Wake from Sleep Mode with 3D Acceleration Sensor

  • Measuring & Reporting Driving Dynamics with 3D Acceleration Sensor

  • Ignition Detection & Engine Blockage Output

  • PPP, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, FTP Software Cluster

  • MQTT ISO/IEC 20922:2016 Communication Protocol Support

  • TLS/SSL Support

  • RS232/RS485, MODBUS & Internal Input/Output Ports

  • Easy Configuration & Control Over Wi-Fi Network 

  • Online/Offline Operation & Data Logging

  • Customizable Software According to Project Requirements




32-bit ARM Cortex CPU


Integrated TCP/IP (UDP,ICMP, FTP, NTP, Ping) Software Cluster
MQTT ISO/IEC 20922:2016 Communication Protocol Support

SSL/TLS Support


Internal GSM/GPRS 2G Modem/LTE Cat-M1

Internal Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth BLE 4.2

Easy Configuration Over Wi-Fi Network

RS232 Port (300-115200 Baud)

RS485 Port (300-115200 Baud) 


1 MB Built-in Flash Memory

Offline Data Capacity up to 10.000


1x Contact Detection Input (40V DC max.)

1x Motor Blokage Relay Output (500mA max.)

3x Digital Inputs (40V DC max.)

1x 1-Wire® Sensor Interface (5V DC max.)

1x Analog Input (0 - 12/24V DC)

1x Pulse/Odometre Input (Optically-Isolated)

RS485 or RS232 Communication Output


Online & Offline Operating Mode
Battery Backup Internal Real Time Clock (RTC)

Built-in 900mAh Li-Ion/Polymer Rechargeable Battery*

Ultra-Low Power Consumption Mode (90µW, 30µA @3V)

Power Blockout ve Low Battery Alert
3 LED Indicators

Over Air Update

Double SIM Card Support (SIM-Card, Embedded-SIM)

3D Accelerometer (± 16g)

Internal GSM-LTE + GNSS and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Antenna


6-36V DC Operting Voltage

1,2 W Standard Power Comsumption

90 µW Sleep Mode Consumption


-30°C … +80°C Industrial Operating Voltage

-40°C … +85°C Storage Range


96x64x22 mm


185 gr.