Minova Technology carries out R&D and production in the areas of Tracking Systems, Contactless Card Systems and Telemetry & IoT (Internet of Things). At the end of 2007, the company started its activities by bringing together expert engineers in the fields of hardware design and embedded software. Minova has advanced products, production capacity and success stories in the sectors where it is active.


Our company, which proved its success with completed mass transit projects, contactless payment systems and by-products, has become one of the market's favourite product providers with vehicle tracking devices and telemetry products. Minova, which has formed solution partnerships with the leading companies and brands of the sector, aims to what it knows best, namely to design and produce self-sufficiently with Local and National Resources.


Minova Technology develops and produces technologies in high-tech industries such as Electronic Design, Embedded Software, Middleware Software.


Our objective is to completely fulfil the expectations of our customers, and increase competition and development power of our company. Minova Technology is committed to providing all the resources needed in the product tree in line with the quality requirements specified. Our objective in production is "Doing Right the First Time" and "Zero Defect". It is our indispensable principle to deliver the services we produce in a timely, complete and problem-free manner.   Our primary goal in R&D and Product activities is to continuously improve our knowledge and creativity, to produce high technology and value added products for customer satisfaction and competition, to increase our export volume.